3DR Rebrand


I evolved the 3D Robotics brand, which was known in the drone market as a consumer hobby product, to 3DR, a trusted, enterprise-level drone software tool. This project included a 3-hour branding sprint, designing a new website, a brand style guide, and enablement of marketing materials, company decks, print materials, and two event booths.

Since this work, the product Site Scan was acquired by ESRI.


Running a 3 hour brand sprint with 3DR leadership team

Running a 3 hour brand sprint with 3DR leadership team

Updating the Site Scan symbol

The blue Site Scan S worked across one product but wasn’t easily expanded across secondary product lines to create a cohesive brand. I made the argument that with multiple products under the 3DR brand and a quickly-changing market, we needed a new symbol that could expand across all existing and future product lines.

After presenting a few options, the leadership team agreed upon the Site Scan chevron. It was similar to other symbols in the AEC industry such as geometric shapes, triangles, and measurement tools and the symbol is built from the negative space in the 3DR logo, making it consistent yet unique to the primary 3DR brand.


Old branding (left) and new branding (right)


Expanding the symbol into a 3DR Brand System

I created a brand system that tied together the 3DR brand into a number of products: 3DR Site Scan, 3DR GCP, 3DR Customer Success, 3DR ESRI Edition, and 3DR Supported Drones. My goal was to create a system that was timeless and could be built on with any additional products that the company would add to its offering in the future. Each symbol is locked up with the product name using the consumer Solohagan typeface.

3DR Branding

Brand Guide

To bring all of this work together I created a 3DR Brand Guide. It includes logo & symbol usage across all 3DR products, colors for digital and print, typography, 3DR voice and tone, and imagery examples.

Some branding in action

10'x20' booth at Autodesk University, 3'x8' popup, swag

buyers guide

E-book drone buyers guide


Facebook Ads

Marketing Website

We used the new brand standards to build the new 3DR marketing site. Check out my case study on that project.