Site Scan

Mapping and modeling drone data


What is Site Scan?

Site Scan is a platform to collect and analyze drone data for the AEC [Architecture, Engineering, and Construction] industry. Long forgotten in [literally] the dust, Site Scan has brought aerial data to the built world.

Enterprise design including additional navigation bar on left and updated UI

Site Scan Field

Site Scan Field is the iOS drone app where users capture their projects from the sky. I worked on creating a simple, easily accessible experience that enabled Site Scan users to fly at ease. This included working on interaction design projects, product design for flight planning (surveys, perimeter scans, thermal, videos), and creating a consistent brand experience across all 3DR products.


Site Scan Field iOS App: Home, Flight Planning, Flying UI

Site Scan Manager

Manager is a web app that has the processed flight data from Site Scan Field. In a six month project I called "Project Reef", I redesigned the web product to feel and work as an enterprise level product rather than a single user view. This included adding in user access permissions, an admin view, dashboard, and a new 2D and 3D map experience.


Site Scan Before and After Enterprise Redesign

Creating a Design System

As the only designer at 3DR, I built a living design system that makes designing 10x faster and my engineers live's 10x easier. We are currently working on getting this in Storybook.