Making remote work space easy to find


What is Croissant? 

Croissant’s mission is to provide beautiful workspaces that are easily accessible and affordable to people everywhere. The objective of this project was to design a flow for Croissant users to book workspaces in their area ahead of time.

Unlock your city’s workspaces with Croissant

Home screen, Checked in screen, Reserved Seats screen

My Role

I led a team of designers and researchers through market and customer analysis, rapid prototyping, multiple rounds of user testing, and a design studio. 

Croissant persona, market research, first iteration workflow


The team presented Croissant with new designs to accompany their existing app — ready to go for development. These included a simple user flow with a calendar view, a vertical workspace exploration, and designs for a Croissant user while they were logged into a workspace.

Design Studio & Brand Guide 

Business and Design

A tricky question that we faced was how users felt about specifying an end time while they were booking ahead. The company’s pricing model didn’t currently work for blocked time (it is a subscription model), so we ended up testing users thoughts on specifying an end time and they universally decided that they preferred an open ended period. This worked well with Croissant’s goal as a company and helped shape their pricing model moving forward. 

Croissant reserve flow final mockups