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Who is 3DR? 3DR has pioneered in the world of drones. Known first as 3D Robotics, they built and own drone code, an open-space platform that originally blossomed from DIY Drones. Today, drones around the globe are powered by 3DR's drone code. Then, the Solo was designed, a beloved consumer product. In 2016, 3DR pivoted into the enterprise drone market, specifically in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

Objective & Challenge

My objective was to rebrand 3DR with a new website and updated marketing materials, including updated company decks, print materials, and a brand style guide. The challenge of this branding project was to evolve the 3D Robotics brand to 3DR, a trusted, enterprise-level drone software brand instead of a consumer, hobby brand.

Site Scan Symbol

From the eyes of a Site Scan customer, the chevron looks and feels familiar. It shares similarities with common symbols in the AEC industry by using geometric shapes, triangles, and measurement tools. The negative space of the chevron is simple, effective, distinct, and the cut through the symbol makes it consistent with the 3DR wordmark.

Brand System

I needed to tie the 3DR brand into a number of different 3DR products: Site Scan, GCP, 3DR Customer Success, 3DR Enterprise, and Fleet Management. I wanted to create a system that was timeless and could be built on with any additional products that the company would add to its collection. To achieve this, I started with the Site Scan symbol that consists of the negative space in 3DR and used the two vectors to create a symbol system for each product. Each product name uses the Solohagan font to further tie them together.

Solution was to use 3DR as a wordmark and tie sub-brands together with 3DR's typeface Solohagan

3 Hour Brand Sprint

I ran a 3 hour brand sprint to nail our new branding for the new 3DR. This was based off the GV brand sprint, and consisted of a high-level brand roadmap, what/how/why exercise, identifying values, audience, personality sliders, and competitive landscape. I then presented three options, "tech-serious", "tech-retro", and "tech-rebellious", to the team with different marketing assets for each. We decided to go for the "tech-rebellious" option because this was in 3DR's core from it's beginning. This meant bringing back dark styles, a sharp typeface, and more aerial imagery to the brand.

New Website


We brought the new branding together with a new website launching in May 2018. It consists of dark styles, Proxima Nova typeface, heavy aerial & drone imagery, dark overlays, and authoritative messaging. 


New 3DR.com homepage


3DR Brand Guide

View the Brand Guide

To bring all of this work together I created a 3DR Brand Guide for internal and external stakeholders. It includes logo & symbol usage across all 3DR products, colors for digital and print, typography, 3DR voice and tone, and imagery examples.