Visual UI Design


I helped design a consistent brand identity for Praiseworthy by identifying brand colors, consistent typography, delightful iconography, vertical rhythm & scale, and creating comprehensive style guides.


Mood Board

Meaningful Colors

I wanted the interface to feel light and immediately make people smile. I tried to provoke a feeling of wellness with bright, saturated colors across a white background. The challenge was to make sure each color represented something within the Praiseworthy dashboard. Here are the primaries.



The ultimate objective of this product was to design a dashboard, so I stuck to sans serifs. I ended up choosing the simple & minimalist typeface Open Sans. It has a friendly feel that is aligned with Praiseworthy's product values and is easy to read on a dashboard (and free for a cost-conscious company). This is what choosing a typeface looked like in my process.



One of Praiseworthy's goals was to increase engagement on their dashboard by having people upload pictures of themselves. I created these as placeholders to let people know that Praiseworthy cares about who YOU are, not just your ticket number.


Bringing it together

I created a style guide out of all the teams work for Praiseworthy to use for any future design & dev work they needed to keep their product consistent.