3DR Website

Web Design

I led the redesign of 3DR's new website. The few years prior to this project, 3DR shifted from a consumer drone leader to an enterprise drone construction tool. The old website housed a 3DR Solo consumer brand, an old product knowledge base, and navigation to hardware products that 3DR no longer offered.


Early idea for architecture of the marketing site

How do we create a simple and user-focused navigation?

The main goal of the site was to market 3DR as an enterprise company. Because of this, I kept Product & Industries first in the top navigation and kept a demo request button visible at any point in the site.

On hover, a secondary navigation allows users to journey into the website to the areas they are personally most interested in, whether that be a specific industry or role, a different 3DR product, customer stories, or FAA training. I also kept the 3DR blog, Lift, in the top navigation to highlight 3DR as a thought leader in the industry.


Final Information Architecture of redesign

Building Blocks

As the only designer at 3DR, I streamlined the design & build process by creating responsive low & high fidelity modules. I like to approach all web design in this modular way. Scroll through the photos below to see my process.

Mad props to Studio Simpatico for their great work & being a pleasure to work with during this project.

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Modular sketches, wireframes, lofi symbols, hifi symbols, final designs, & modules built into wordpress for future development



Alongside the new 3DR.com, I worked on a full rebrand that included updated marketing materials, company decks, print materials, and a brand style guide

Early Design Decisions

The blue Site Scan S worked for one product, but didn't work with multiple symbols to create a cohesive brand. I made the argument that with multiple products under the 3DR brand and a quickly-changing market, we needed a new symbol that could expand across all existing and future product lines.


Running a 3 Hour brand sprint with the 3DR leadership team

Updating the Site Scan Symbol

After presenting a few options in multiple formats, the leadership team agreed upon the Site Scan chevron. It was similar to other symbols in the AEC industry such as geometric shapes, triangles, and measurement tools and the symbol is built from the negative space in the 3DR logo, making it consistent yet unique to the primary 3DR brand.


Old branding (left) and new branding (right)


Expanding the symbol into a 3DR Brand System

I created a brand system that tied together the 3DR brand into a number of products: 3DR Site Scan, 3DR GCP, 3DR Customer Success, 3DR ESRI Edition, and 3DR Supported Drones. My goal was to create a system that was timeless and could be built on with any additional products that the company would add to its offering in the future. Each symbol is locked up with the product name using the consumer Solohagan typeface.

3DR Branding

Brand Guide

To bring all of this work together, I created a 3DR Brand Guide. It includes logo & symbol usage across all 3DR products, colors for digital and print, typography, 3DR voice and tone, and imagery examples.